Health, Safety and Environmental Management is an integral part of everyday life. Different working environments have different risk challenges but at the end of the day, safety of the working team remains undebatable.
Our core aim it to protect is to protect our people, public, property and the environment in general. As such, FEAH LOGISTICS LTD has embarked on a number of measures in a bid to achieve the same. We aim at achieving a risk free environment, injury free and damage free environment. In abid to achieve the said, we have: Provided PPE kits to all our staff members,Capitalized on warning signs for all pre-percieved risks. We have embarked on striving to work on recommendations given by way of HSE auditing to ensure constant and unending improvement. In addition we have always insisted on HSE being a responsibility of everyone across the management to the entry level.

PERSONAL PREVENTIVE EQUIPMENTS Personal preventive equipments are available for all company staffs and must be worn all the times. Please download a complete version of our HSE policy here.