FEAH LOGISTICS LIMITED is a fully registered company, a logistical trailblazer and a leading international Transportation company, not only in Tanzania but also across the region. It started as a small company bearing a personal name but due to expansivity pressure as a result of superb performance over the years, We accepted the challenge and upgraded to FEAH LOGISTICS LIMITED. We have attained super dexterity in cargo handling over the years from the experience our members of staff posses. Our engagement withboth local and international importers and exporters over the past years has emasculated our abilitiesand capabilities to perform our duties with utmost professionalism and decorum.

Due to the increased engagement in the business, FEAH LOGISTICS LIMITED has continuously increased its fleet of trucks. The trucks are regularly serviced, maintained and cleaned. The trucks are operated by fully trained and experienced drivers suitable for international cargo ferrying. We have always had a regular all-time round contact with our disciplined drivers whilst on their duty just to ensure smooth operation and intact, on-time delivery of cargo to respective client destinations. We also keep our client on toes through our online platform of tracking report.

FEAH LOGISTICS LIMITED deals with containerized cargo and loose cargo that ranges from mineral ores to foodstuff among others. We are guided by customer-service spirit and in the past, we have also collaborated with other companies upon request by our esteemed customers and that is after rigorous vetting of both their modus operandi and trucks. This is in a bid to meet the highest of standards as the desired end

In a bid to ensure safe delivery of cargo, we have enforced a NO-TOLERANCE policy on matters pertaining to drug and substance abuse. More information on HSE can be found on our handbook and website. You can also download a copy of our company profile and handbook with comprehensive details.

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